Properties Flex2001


Flex2001 is representative of the second generation of the company products Flex-IS. It is a comprehensive information system designed and developed based on years of experience of Flex-IS with the analysis, development, operation and maintenance of economic applications.

Flex2001 is on the client designed for Windows graphical environment with respect to the maximum level of user comfort and ease of use.

Flex2001 includes powerful tools designed to support marketing and sales support decision making, financial analysis and application of modern logistics methods.

The development of individual system modules Flex2001 were fully as the lessons of practical experience FLEX-IS in the implementation of economic information systems.

Flex2001 is able, thanks to massive apparatus for setting parameters and settings to modify its own functionality based on the specific needs and requirements of a specific customer - usually depending on the subject of business (branch solutions).


Flex2001 there are four different power levels by the desired data is available, the amount of the processed data and the number of competing users. When the full capacity of the existing versions of the system can be seamlessly transfers to a higher version - while preserving existing data and functionality. This feature is one of the fundamental means of protecting investments already incurred.

  • Flex2001 Basic - Basic version suitable for small organizations with up to five users. Standard technical solution is a single server running Windows NT and Interbase database.
  • Flex2001 Lite - is suitable for small organizations with 5 to 10 users. Standard technical solution is a single server running Windows NT and some of the smaller databases.
  • Flex2001 Workgroup (WKG) - a solution designed for medium speed with heavy emphasis on the availability of data in real time (Business Critical). Recommended technical solution is a powerful server running Windows NT and Oracle databases.
  • Flex2001 Enterprise Edition (EE) - the most powerful variant necessary everywhere where continuous operation is required and immediate access to (7x24). Flex2001 EE is designed and tuned specifically for the Oracle database server. It supports the use of multi-processor servers and parallel processing. It enables deployment in heterogeneous environments - servers and operating systems.


Flex2001 is built based on client / server architecture. The client computer provides the user advantages of convenient graphical user interface and application logic, including the necessary local calculations. On the opposite side there is a server - a powerful PC running special software designed to manage data and handle - servers. Client / server architecture reduces requirements for computing power and reduces the client load on the network because clients only run queries the server that the client calculates and returns the finished result.

Flex2001 supports if required remote access users (individuals or whole groups - local area networks) supplementing the configuration of access servers performing the necessary functionality.

When developing each of the client modules of Flex2001 was only one of the most progressive development environments Delphi Client Server Suite, containing a complete set of tools for developing applications for client / server architecture. The substantial increase in labor productivity is achieved by using modern programming technologies such as Object Oriented Programming, Visual Programming and promote teamwork.

Flex2001 product line is not currently the company Flex-IS distributed and supported.