Implementation FlexG3 in Orange Slovakia (RIS)

Retail Information System (RIS) based on solution FlexG3 was with telecom operator Orange Slovakia successfully launched into production operation in August 2011. The solution is deployed nationwide to more than 150 stores in Slovakia and uses it over 2700 users. The main benefits solutions include:
  • Acceleration and standardization of all sales and after sales processes for their own shops and partner shops within a single application.
  • Completion of the sales process MT directly at the store.
  • MT Sale and accessories through a common application directly linked to fiscal modules (no external electronic cash register).
  • A detailed on-line overview of the entire sales network (at IMEI) including partner outlets. Tracking MT at IMEI from income until sale to the end customer.
  • Streamlining logistics and inventory goods. Reduce time-off and inventory using tools FlexG3 (portable terminals for collecting barcodes).
  • Possibility of supply through the purchase or consignment.
  • Accurate financial records. Streamline the flow of finance (income revenues, sales deductions ...).
  • Coverage of all cash transactions with one application. Choosing to receive cash payment of invoices from other systems (telephone charges, deposits, AS ...), and is recorded as a balance in hand.
  • Significant limitation of the possibility of fraud (standardized working procedures, laws regulating logging changes).
  • Simplification of internal communication - all relevant processes only system (removal of a communication, tel., Excel ...).
  • Technical service module part of the application. Streamline the repair process.
  • Flexible operational reporting.
  • Operation, administration and maintenance is completely outsourced through S & M / SLA contracts.